PISS TEST from Portland, Oregon are finally Europe bound, to bring their debut album BIGGEST BAND IN EUROPE where it belongs. The band just finished another EP in time for this trip, with hits like LEATHER JACKETS IN THE HEAT or USED TO SKATE, ready to conquer what is rightfully theirs. Find a full stream and the tourdates below and bow to PISS TEST!



Do. 13.11.2014 – Aachen – Autonomes Zentrum
Fr. 14.11.2014 – Hamburg – Rote Flora
Sa. 15.11.2014 – Bremen – G18
So. 16.11.2014 – Berlin – K19 w/ LEVITATIONS
Mo. 17.11.2014 – Leipzig – Klubraum Plagwitz
Di. 18.11.2014 – Budapest – Művelődési Szint (Müszi) w/ CRIMINAL CODE
Mi. 19.11.2014 – Zagreb – Klub Močvara w/ DIVIDED MINDS
Do. 20.11.2014 – Brno – Vegalite – w/ CRIMINAL CODE
Fr. 21.11.2014 – Vienna – Venster 99
Sa. 22.11.2014 – Munich – Kafe Kult w/ GIVE
So. 23.11.2014 – Tübingen – Pausenhof
Mo. 24.11.2014 – Schwäbisch Hall – Club Alpha 60
Di. 25.11.2014 – Frankfurt – ExZess
Mi. 26.11.2014 – Kortrijk – The Pit’s
Do. 27.11.2014 – Paris – La Mécanique Ondulatoire
Fr. 28.11.2014 – Amsterdam – OCCII w/ THE KIDS
Sa. 29.11.2014 – Rheine – Trinkhalle


CHEMICALS EUROPEAN TOUR 2014! New D.A.G.R.I.P. LP coming soon!


CHEMICALS return to Europe for a secons round after their succesful first trip in April 2013! They’ve been busy shredding Portland to pieces in the meantime recording a new album entitled D.A.G.R.I.P. with recently reacquired RED DONS drummer Richard Joachim back on board the USS KMKLZ! The record was produced by Tim Kerr (BIG BOYS, POISON 13) at Buzz Or Howl Studios and mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory. Fun fact: Steve Turner from MUDHONEY is playing guitar on one of the songs.

Here’s a first track called BORDERTOWN for your listening pleasure:

And here’s the tourdates:
Fr. 10.10.2014 – Amsterdam – Pacific Parc – 11pm
Fr. 10.10.2014 – Amsterdam – ADM amsterdam – 3am
Sa. 11.10.2014 – Groningen – ORKZ BAR w/ BAD VISION
So. 12.10.2014 – Berlin – Bei Ruth w/ BAD VISION, Spray Paint, Modern Pets
Mo. 13.10.2014 – Hamburg – Hafenklang
Di. 14.10.2014 – Copenhagen – Ungdomshuset
Mi. 15.10.2014 – Bremen – Sielwallhaus
Do. 16.10.2014 – HELP Germany
Fr. 17.10.2014 – Frankfurt – Dreikönigskeller w/ Nervous Twitch
Sa. 18.10.2014 – Leipzig – LIWI w/ GULAG BEACH, NASTY PACK
So. 19.10.2014 – Munich – Kafe Kult w/ Opiliones
Mo. 20.10.2014 – Opava – U Vočka
Di. 21.10.2014 – HELP Czech Republic / Slovakia / Hungary
Mi. 22.10.2014 – Vienna – Arena Beisl Erdberg w/ Demenzia Kolektiva
Do. 23.10.2014 – Trento – CSO Bruno
Fr. 24.10.2014 – Graz – SUB w/ Divided Minds, Black Gust
Sa. 25.10.2014 – Nürnberg – nürnberg.pop
So. 26.10.2014 – HELP Germany / Holland / Belgium
Mo. 27.10.2014 – Liege – péniche Légia w/ POUTRE
Di. 28.10.2014 – Paris – La Mécanique Ondulatoire w/ HIS ELECTRO BLUE VOICE
Mi. 29.10.2014 – Tours – Le Bar À Mines
Do. 30.10.2014 – Tarbes – CeltiCPuB IsNoTaPuB
Fr. 31.10.2014 – Benidorm – FUNTASTIC DRACULA CARNIVAL
Sa. 01.11.2014 – Benidorm – FUNTASTIC DRACULA CARNIVAL
So. 02.11.2014 – Perpignan – BBC Perpinya w/ Cyclops
Mo. 03.11.2014 – Marseille – la Machine à Coudre
Di. 04.11.2014 – St. Etienne – L’Assommoir café-concert
Mi. 05.11.2014 – Geneva – URGENCE DISK RECORDS
Do. 06.11.2014 – Tübingen – Pausenhof
Fr. 07.11.2014 – Hannover – Stumpf
Sa. 08.11.2014 – Antwerp – Het Bos w/ Acid Baby Jesus
So. 09.11.2014 – Kortrijk – The Pit’s – Bang Zoom Noise Produktions VZW

Please contact me at info@takenbysurprise.net if you can help with the open dates.


The AUDACITY – MELLOW CRUISERS LP is finally up for pre-order after a set of rejected testpressings caused some delay. Shipping will start around October 15. Maybe earlier, fingers crossed. The band is still on tour in Europe, make sure to catch them play if you can!

“The Fullerton quartet Audacity could have been just another semi-anonymous pop-punk bunch, if only it had put a little less creativity into the music on its second album. Instead, the band attacks its rough-hewn but unshakably melodic songs from a variety of angles while always retaining its anarchic spirit throughout the album’s too-short 29 minutes.”

This record was originally released by RECESS RECORDS and BURGER RECORDS in the USA.



Here’s the first proper full length album by this California powerhouse. After a slew of singles and EPs, this Long Beach, CA based quartet develop their style of aggressive Dangerhouse Records meets early 80s SoCal Hardcore even further. Yes, the L.A. Times called them a “female fronted BLACK FLAG” – it’s that band. 12 new cuts, might be your feel bad record of the year, including hits like ONE WASTED YEAR (it’s about a year that was wasted), SUBURBIA (pretty self explanatory) or THE PHARMACY IS CLOSER THAN THE LIQUOR STORE (this one’s about geography and drugs). You’re not a dummy, right, so you will buy it.

The North American version will be out on DERANGED RECORDS.

Limited screenprinted sleeve version available here.
Regular pretty stellar looking version available here.



Here are the NIGHT BIRDS summer tourdates for Europe! I’ll be tagging along for all the shows, come say hi!

31.07. – Amsterdam – Winston
01.08. – Hamburg – Hafenklang
02.08. – Leipzig – Zoro
03.08. – Brno – Kabinet Muz
04.08. – Budapest – Trafik Klub
05.08. – Tolmin – Punkrock Holiday
06.08. – Bologna – Freakout
07.08. – Schaffhausen – Neustadt 52
08.08. – Paris – La Mécanique Ondulatoire
09.08. – London – The Black Heart
10.08. – Ieper – Ieperfest
11.08. – Helsinki – Kuudes Linja

First song from the new HYSTERESE LP is streaming now!

here’s a first song from the upcoming second HYSTERESE LP called “ANGST”.


The record will be out for their tour in June, check the dates below and get your ass out to the show. This release will be another cooperation with Sabotage Records. Our buds at Dirt Cult Records will release it in the USA, so yankees keep an eye out for it!

Fr. 06.06. 2014 / Karlsruhe / Alte Hackerei /w Modern Pets + Weird Owls
Sa. 07.06. 2014 / Mannheim @ Pfingstfest / Juz
So. 08.06. 2014 / Ravensburg @ Obtrusive Farewell Show / Jugendhaus
Mo. 09.06. 2014 / Brno / Vegalite
Di. 10.06. 2014 / Zagreb / Grey Room (AKC Medika)
Mi. 11.06. 2014 / Graz / tba /w Tragedy + Boredom
Do. 12.06. 2014 / Linz / Kapu /w Tragedy + Boredom
Fr. 13.06. 2014 / München / Kafe Marat /w Gride
Sa. 14.06. 2014 / Wien / EKH /w Born For Slaughter
So. 15.06. 2014 / Köln / Az Köln
Mo. 16.06. 2014 / Lille / Centre Culturel Libertaire (CCL) /w Bakounine
Di. 17.06. 2014 / Nijmegen / De Onderbroek
Mi. 18.06. 2014 / Münster / Gleis 22 /w Neighborhood Brats + No More Art
Do. 19.06. 2014 / Hamburg / Hafenklang /w Tragedy + Suicidas
Fr. 20.06. 2014 / Berlin / Kastanienkeller /w Minus Apes
Sa. 21.06. 2014 / Mülheim a.d.R / Az Mülheim /w Mr. Burns



I hope you all survived Record Store Day 2014 and got the 180g Deluxe repress of the LP you can buy for 5 bucks at the second hand store. I spent it walking along the Thames in the sun drinking a Brew Dog Punk IPA with good company and did not go see Adam Ant. Anyway, back to the real talk.
The brandnew TBS webstore is finally up and running just in time for the release of the MOTHER’S CHILDREN – LEMON LP and the NO PROBLEM – ALREADY DEAD LP! Big thanks to my main webman Keith Bayer, this new thing features all your online needs, carefully calculates and includes your shipping money and let’s you pay directly via PayPal or bank transfer. I managed to transfer all your login data from the old store so you don’t even have to create a new customer account.
Find it here: www.takenbysurprise.net/store place an order or two and let me know if you encounter any bugs. Oh and if you have any, make sure to tell your friends…

That being said, two new releases are here, here’s what’s



From the mean sour streets of Ottawa, Canada comes the second full length of MOTHER’S CHILDREN aptly entitled: LEMON! 12 new tracks of stompy and glammy powerpop with that old wham-a-lam-bam-thanks-ma’am attitude that we’re used to from those four mouseketeers. Get your fix of Vitamin MC from the sweetest fruit that grows in Canada.

First press are 100 on mellow yellow vinyl and 400 on back in black vinyl.

Order it HERE!

US press to be released on RESURRECTION RECORDS.
CAN press to be released on MAMMOTH CAVE RECORDS.



Another Canadian addition to the TAKEN BY SURPRISE family from Edmonton Oilers town, Edmonton: NO PROBLEM! After their stellar debut AND NOW THIS (Deranged / P.Trash) they deliver a sophomore LP that takes their frustrated and paranoid hardcorepunk to a new level. Still taking cues from BLACK FLAG, D.O.A. or TSOL, they add darker and more melodic elements to the mix.

“This is music for maladjusted adults who are too old to be able to relate to teenage problems, but whose feelings of alienation have in no way withered with age, and are looking for something that musically and lyrically captures the frustration of adult punk life in the same way that, say, so many ADOLESCENTS songs are a product of teen angst.  One of my favorite things in the world is bands effectively fusing hardcore with catchy yet aggressive or paranoid melody, as bands like SOCIAL CIRCKLE and DEEP SLEEP have done in recent years.” – MAXIMUM ROCK’N’ROLL

First press are 500 copies on black vinyl. First 100 copies come with a nice 1.5×1.5″ button.

Order it HERE!

NORTH AMERICAN press to be released on DERANGED RECORDS.