TAKEN BY SURPRISE RECORDS started in the summer of 2008 with the release of AUTISTIC YOUTH’s LANDMINE BEACH LP. Based in Munich, Bavaria, this is and will always be a one man operation dedicated to bringing you vinyl releases of your favorite punk, hardcore, powerpop and rock’n’roll  bands.

“I would say that you and people like you are precisely the reason we continue to keep going, that’s why we make records, because somebody out there was getting it. If nobody is interested, I don’t want a record label– this wasn’t my idea in the first place, I just wanted a way to get the music out. The actual record-industry aspect of it is horrible for me, I don’t give a damn about it; I’ve never been to a music conference; I don’t have a lawyer, I’m just not involved with any of that stuff. I’m just putting out records.” – Ian MacKaye

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