just in time for their European Tour (dates below) and hot on the heels of their new album on FAT WRECK CHORDS we issued the European pressings of the MEAN JEANS – ARE YOU SERIOUS? and ON MARS LPs. Go to a show and snag one up or order through our webstore!

areyouserious_front SURPRISE 067 | MEAN JEANS – ARE YOU SERIOUS? LP

Their debut effort from 2009. Originally released on DIRTNAP RECORDS.

THE MEAN JEANS are the kids that live down the street that blare the Ramones and the Angry Samoans late at night while they are playing “Edward 40s Hands” (that’s the game where a 40 is duct-taped to each hand, making it difficult to urinate until they are consumed). They have 3 things in their refrigerator: ketchup, beer and slime. THE MEAN JEANS were born when, at the ripe ages of 23 and 24, Jeans Wilder (skins, vox and smokes) and Billy Jeans (vox, riffs and spliffs) started playing their parent’s DC-area basements in the winter of 2006. They grew another member, Howie Doodat (AKA Jean Jeans on the bass guitar), after moving to Portland a year later. They’ve been pounding out drunken headbanging seshes across the US since then. This doesn’t count the Chattanooga Tennessee stop, where high schoolers stole their spot and played Blink 182 songs for over an hour. The Miller High Life wasn’t getting them drunk at all, and the guy who “booked” the show was weeping in his sister’s arms.

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OnMars_1400_frontSURPRISE 068 | MEAN JEANS – ON MARS LP

Their sophomore album. Originally released on DIRTNAP RECORDS!

Portland’s premier party punks The Mean Jeans return with their long-awaited follow up to 2009’s Are You Serious! This is a different album, though, more mid-tempo catchier, and poppier (but less “pop punk” if you know what we mean) than their debut. In addition to the standard 3 piece instrumentation, Mean Jeans On Mars also features, at various times, acoustic guitar (!), keyboards (!), drum machines (!), empty Jaeger bottles (!) and boxes of macaroni (!) played as extra percussion. Oh and it also features the debut of new member Jr. Jeans on bass! (Howie Doodat is busy tearing up Portland in the Suicide Notes!)

This is a fantastic, exhilarating summertime pop album, so down a couple of jägerbombs and get ready to moonwalk into the unknown with the Mean Jeans!

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Tue 7/19 – Hamburg, GER – Hafenklang w/ Cosmic Psychos
Wed 7/20 – Malmö, SWE – NGBG – free show outdoors!
Thu 7/21 – Gothenburg, SWE – Nefertiti – WWDIS summer fest
Fri 7/22 – Stockholm, SWE – Vieille Montagne w/ Ausmuteants
Sat 7/23 – Helsinki, FIN – Hori Smoku Summer Boogaloo – w/ Oblivians
Sun 7/24 – OFF
Mon 7/25 – Copenhagen, DK – Underwerket
Tue 7/26 – Berlin, GER – Bei Ruth
Wed 7/27 – Osnabrück, GER – Substanz
Thu 7/28 – Amsterdam, HOL – Pacific Parc – free show
Fri 7/29 – Hasselt, BEL – De Witte Non
Sat 7/30 – Rotterdam, HOL – V11 w/ Priceduifkes
Sun 7/31 – Mannheim, GER – JUZ – w/ War On Women
Mon 8/01 – TBA
Tue 8/02 – Vienna, AUT – Arena
Wed 8/03 – Munich, GER – Kafe Kult w/ The Yoohoos
Thu 8/04 – Heilbronn, GER – Bierkrug
Fri 8/05 – Frankfurt, GER – ExZess
Sat 8/06 – Duffel, BEL – Brakrock Ecofest  – w/ Dwarves, Adolescents

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