last Wednesday, July 10th the server that hosts my email account and webstore crashed and while I was hoping to have both databases restored from backups I was left with no emails and webstore whatsoever.

Everything is up an running again now, I am restoring the webstore from scratch and can send and receive emails again. The Night Birds pre-order is set up in the webstore again and I hope to have the whole mailorder stock available there by the end of the week…

This means if you have placed an order before July 10th at any point please reply to the order confirmation email you got to as I have lost all webstore order data.

Direct PayPal orders are fine, I got all your order data stored in my PayPal account.

If you’ve written me an email and are waiting for a reply please resend it and I will get back to you asap!

Sorry for this incovenience, Night Birds LP pre-orders will start shipping on Monday, so please reply asap so I can get you your orders.

Please share and spread this!

Internet and Indierock are still killing Hardcore.


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