THE CRY! LP up for order!


All the server issues have been sorted finally and the webshop is up and running again!

THE CRY! LP is up for order there now! Go here!

“The Cry! is a remarkably upbeat record considering how many of its songs are about heartbreak and unrequited love. Love may suck, but The Cry! most certainly do not. Where do you turn when a broken heart has got you down? To pop music! If this album doesn’t put an immense and permanent smile on your face, there is literally no hope for you. Its energy is invigorating. Its melodies are contagious. It will make your bad days bearable and your good days even better. It’s way too premature to use a term like “classic”, but from a pure pop perspective it doesn’t get much more perfect than this. If you’re a powerpop fan and you’re not hip to The Cry!, get with it!” -Lord Rutledge, Faster and Louder

Check the video for I THINK I’M IN LOVE:


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