Welcome: THE CRY!

I’m stoked to announce another TBSR release of a band from the City of Roses, ladies and Germsfans:  THE CRY!

THE CRY! is a music sensation emerging from the eclectic arts scene of Portland, OR.  With heavy power-pop influences like THE BEACH BOYS, EXPLODING HEARTS and THE SWEET, the band has re-crafted the 2 minute pop song for a new generation.  THE CRY! effortlessly merges 50’s style vocal harmonies and the jangle of 60’s pop hooks with the raw punkish emotion of the PDX street culture from which they come.

Their self titled debut LP will hit the shelves at the end of March 2012, you can already stream and download the entire thing on the band’s Bandcamp site! Our friend Yuki will press this LP in Japan on his label SP-Records!


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